Volunteering Has Amazing Benefits!

That’s right, volunteering really does provide amazing benefits. It increases your morale, and also provides a sense of purpose and creates wonderful opportunities to make new friends. Studies have shown that people with more friends have better health than those who are solitary! Volunteering at the Devereux Center also offers an opportunity to see a glimpse into the lives who struggle daily with mental illness and homelessness. This will change how you look at the world. Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of volunteering? Come and see for yourself. We are open for tours and discussions about how you can find a place that fits your talents. Call today, 541-888-3202 or send us an email at info@thedevereuxcenter.org.

We are now taking applications for Volunteers to work at our new Thrift Store! If you are interested in volunteering please contact Steve Davis at 541-888-3202.

Scroll over images to learn more about our volunteering opportunities!

Be a Listening Ear

Sometimes we just need someone to listen. Are you willing to be that person? We would love to have you volunteer and spend time talking with and listening to our clients and their concerns!

Construction Projects

We need an additional bathroom as well as other construction projects completed so if you have construction experience and would like to volunteer your time it would be greatly appreciated!

Volunteer Coordinator

We need someone to oversee our volunteers and the projects they are working on. If your strong suit is organization and follow through then this may well be the volunteer opportunity you have been looking for.


We are in the middle of doing a lot of painting projects right now so if you have experience in this area we could certainly use your expertise as we work to complete our projects.

Cleaning Projects

We have lots of cleaning that needs to be done on a daily basis. Having a clean facility is so important in a facility like ours and we would really appreciate any help we can get in this area.

On-site Baking

Tasty baked good are favorites around here and we would love to have you show off your baking skills here at the center.

Clothing Room Assistant

We always need help in our clothing room so if you would enjoy coordinating outfits for our clients and sorting through clothes we would love to have your help as we serve our clients.

Event Planning

Do you have experience in event planning? This is a great opportunity to hone your skills while helping us get the most out of our events at the same time!