Our Expectations

The Devereux Center has certain expectations for our staff, volunteers, and clients to better facilitate a productive, safe, and friendly environment. Below you will find our Community Standards that all clients must agree to during the intake process:

Community Standards

No violence, weapons or aggressive behavior
We understand that you might have a machete or other object that might be considered a weapon. Those items need to be checked in at the front desk for safe keeping. Aggressive behavior can be verbal or physical, both of which are not allowed.

No drugs, alcohol, marijuana on our property or neighboring properties
We work hard to be good neighbors. Using any substance on our property or the neighboring properties creates challenges for us in our quest to help improve our neighborhood. Please help us show our neighbors how much we care.

Help clean up
We are mostly staffed by volunteers. They are here to serve YOU, our clients because they care. Please show that you care by cleaning up 1) after yourself and 2) after someone who doesn’t clean up after themselves.

Create a positive community image
This standard is addressing the image of the homeless community in the general public eye. Clean up your campsite, don’t hang out in large groups at the car wash, in front of 7-11, etc. Don’t take shopping carts. DO show kindness to the community as a whole. Help your neighborhood, return shopping carts (or alert the Devereux Center so we can help), report crime.

Do not stay on property after dark
We do NOT allow anyone on the property after dark. PERIOD. The one exception to this is when the warming center is open. If you are caught on the property after dark, you will be subject to our trespass policy. We do not want to trespass people from the services that we KNOW you need but we have to make sure that we are abiding by the rules that we have to follow based on the city, county and state requirements.


Violations to these guidelines result in the client being trespassed from the property for a set amount of time and in extreme cases, permanently. In the case of minor infractions the client is asked to leave for the day or to complete a chore.