The People’s Place

The People’s Place is a boarding room style residence with 11 bedrooms.  Each room has a television and a refrigerator.  Residents pay a monthly rent that includes laundry, all utilities and access to the community kitchen.  The building has a covered back porch and several sitting areas as well as shared bathrooms. In early 2016, the Oregon Community Foundation, Coquille Tribal Fund and Bay Area Hospital all gave grant funding to replace carpet in the building and install an updated foundation system to address standing water in the basement.  The residence currently houses people who have mental illness, physical disabilities or limited housing options.

How Can I Make a Home at the People’s Place?

We generally have a waiting list for open rooms but always encourage those who are interested to apply. Please call or stop by The Devereux Center if you are interested. We hope to have additional housing options available in the future to help alleviate the lack of low income housing in the Bay Area.



Brenda Schaaf