Dream Again Thrift Emporium

We are so excited to announce we have opened our new “Dream Again Thrift Emporium”! Now you can purchase “like new” clothing, accessories, shoes, furniture, home decor and even electronics in the rustic confines of our newly remodeled turn of the century “General Store”.

While our new “Dream Again Thrift Emporium” will provide much needed revenue to the Devereux Center, we are more excited about the opportunities for “job training” that our new store will provide for our clients. Learning valuable job skills such as using a cash register, receiving and stocking inventory, customer service and furniture repair and re-purposing will help our clients as they transition into community based jobs.

100% of all sales at our new “Dream Again Thrift Emporium” will go directly to the Devereux Center to help fund the many services we provide for our mentally ill and homeless clients at the Devereux Center. Your gently used and “like new” donations will help so many, and donation receipts are available for the items you donate.

Take a step back in time as you shop at our newly remodeled “Dream Again Thrift Emporium”.

“Turning Rescued Treasures into Rescued Lives”

Donations we can use at the store:                    

Gently used or new clothing items

Accessories that are in “like new” condition

Shoes that are in good condition

Home decor in good condition

Dishware that is not cracked or broken

Complete silverware sets

Pictures in good condition

Furniture in “like new” or very good condition

Vintage Items / Area Rugs

Donations we cannot accept:

Broken or damaged items


Clothing that is damaged or stained

Broken or heavily damaged furniture

Boxed TV’s

Damaged home decor items

Opened packages of underwear or socks

Opened hygiene items

Donations are accepted at the store during the following hours:

Tuesday – Saturday – 10am – 12am

Location: 2051 Sherman Ave. North Bend

Phone: 541-266-6070

We are Open:

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – 11am – 5pm

Wednesday – 11am – 5pm

Thursday – 11am – 5pm

Friday – 10am – 6pm

Saturday – 10am – 6pm

Sunday – Closed