Volunteering has amazing benefits. It increases your morale, and also provides a sense of purpose and creates wonderful opportunities to make new friends.  Studies have shown that people with more friends have better health than those who are solitary! Volunteering at The Devereux Center also offers an opportunity to see a glimpse into the lives of those who struggle daily with mental illness and homelessness. This will change how you look at the world. Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of volunteering? Come and see for yourself. We are open for tours and discussions about how you can find a place that fits your talents. Call today, (541) 888-3202 or send us an email at info@thedevereuxcenter.org.

A few of our opportunities are:

  • Be a listening ear
  • Cleaning Projects
  • Construction Projects (we need an additional bathroom and our kitchen needs a total overhaul)
  • Baking (we would LOVE to offer fresh bread for breakfast and tasty and homemade desserts)
  • Advocate – We will train you!
  • Clothing Room Assistant
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Gardening
  • Handyman
  • Painting
  • Crafting Instructor
  • Event Planning
  • Newsletter Publishing