Our People

Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to keep the day-to-day operations of the Devereux Center running. Here are some of the friendly faces you may see at the Center.

Tara Johnson, Director

Tara-Johnson_01Hi!  I am Tara Johnson, the director of the Devereux Center. As a wife and busy mother of three teenage boys, I enjoy sports, helping at their high school and working on our 20-acre farm in Dora, east of Myrtle Point. My boys, husband and I love our horses, pigs, chickens, ducks, cats, dogs and goose. Gardening is another of our family’s passions and we make some pretty amazing salsa and jams.

Much of my career has been in public relations and administrative work.  I lived in the Coos Bay area in the early 1990s and returned three years ago from the Northern California coast.

One of my first goals is having the Center open five days a week instead of our current three. Our clients are cold, hungry, and in need of support every day, not just Monday, Wednesday and Friday. To accomplish this we need an increase of approximately $3,000/mo. This will cover staff salaries, food, increase in water, electric and natural gas bills. We want to offer laundry services and showers as well as hot meals each day.  We also know that many of our clients appreciate the warm, dry place to hang out for the day.

Jeane Hyne

Hello, my name is Jeane Hyne.  When I first met Nancy Devereux, I already was a friend of her daughter. I helped Nancy and her crew at several places in and around Coos Bay, North Bend, and Empire. I have mental illness issues but when I keep busy and stay on a schedule, I do much better. At one time, I had “regular” jobs like waitressing, CNA, GNA, and in-home health care. I also did volunteer work with such organizations as the Department of Human Resources and SMART reading programs. My main reason for helping as a volunteer at the Nancy Devereux Center is to keep Nancy’s legacy alive. My proudest accomplishment is I am clean from illegal drugs and free from alcohol for 12 years the end of June 2016. Thank you again, Nancy. Your legacy lives on through so many!

Scott Strobele

The Nancy Devereux Center was the first place to give me a job referral in the state of Oregon, which resulted in an interview and a job the following day. From the NDC, I was able to be interview ready because of laundry facilities and the clothes closet, have reasonable clothing that would allow me to fit in with the local populace and not feel like a cast-off. I continue to give back to the NDC because it represents the only place to catch anybody who has fallen through the cracks without any questions being asked. This makes it a safe place to start, and considering they help with mental illness and or disordered thoughts, it is a safe place to get your thoughts ordered.