The Devereux Center provides many services at no charge to our clients. We do request volunteer time in exchange for some of our services. We do this with compassion and consideration of physical and mental abilities.

Available Services

  • Laundry facilities
  • Showers and hygiene supplies
  • Hot breakfasts
  • Hot lunches
  • Emergency food bags
  • Sleeping bags, tarps, blankets
  • Internet & computer access
  • Mail & phone message services
  • Support groups (Anxiety and depression, Al-Anon)
  • Bus passes (Coos Bay Area and to Coquille for court, appointments, and parole meetings)
  • Advocacy
  • Job support
  • Vocational development
  • Housing assistance
  • Oregon Law Center, monthly assistance
  • Coos Health & Wellness, weekly crisis assistance
  • Advantage Dental screenings biweekly
  • Birth Certificate and identification replacement