Who Are We?

The Devereux Center is an open-door day center that helps people meet their basic needs. Of the many people that we serve, our focus is those with mental health issues. We connect them with resources that assist in improving the quality of their lives. Who are we? We're people helping people.

The People's Place

The People's Place is an eleven bedroom facility that is a low rent residence for the mentally or physically disabled. It is located in North Bend, Oregon and has a shared kitchen including all appliances, a laundry room, two bathrooms, and a day-room with television and dining room. Each tenant has a personal key with ample parking at the facility.

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Project: 5 Days

At the Devereux Center we want to do so much more. Help us open our doors to the mentally ill, special needs, disabled, vocationally challenged, homeless, and veterans in our community five days a week.

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Volunteering at The Devereux Center also offers an opportunity to see a glimpse into the lives of those who struggle daily with mental illness and homelessness. This will change how you look at the world. Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of volunteering?

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A significant portion of the goods and services we provide are made possible by donations from businesses and everyday people. Sleeping bags, clothing, food, and financial contributions are all immeasurably helpful.

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The Devereux Center

The on-site sign for the Devereux CenterThe Nancy Devereux Center offers support systems and advocacy for the homeless, those suffering from mental illness, and veterans. We serve an average of 80 people a day. The Nancy Devereux Center is a 501(C)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization founded in 1979. The Center is a day facility that is open from 9 am to 2 pm every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. We offer our regular constituency and community members a free nutritious meal on these days as well as laundry and showers. The food for these meals is largely provided through the generosity of the Oregon Coast Community Action’s “Food Share Program”, as well as generous donations from various local businesses and private individuals.

The Nancy Devereux Center works on a limited budget and dedicated volunteers staff. We have about a dozen dedicated volunteers working every week. Our volunteer staffs have working relationships with local social, health, and legal services to ensure help for our clients and residents as needed.

Some volunteers cook and serve food, others network in the community to help people find work while others apply for grants to continue and expand our services. We are strengthening our network in our local community to help people find affordable housing, work and food. In an effort to put a positive view on the abilities of our people and dispel the stigma associated with homelessness and mental illness. We encourage education and provide advocacy and support.

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